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Coffee Ever Sp. z o.o. specialize in production so-called private label to national and foreign chains. People who work in this company have long-term experience connected with coffee’s production, from chairman, through technologist to operator. Permanent, raising their qualifications crew is guarantee of high and suitable standard of production’s quality.

The basic branch of industry of the company is production of instant coffee. We have our own technological lines, which enable us to pack instant coffee in different kind of jars, can, doy-pack and PET packagings.

We can produce assortment shown in our offer applying to your quality and different packagings, both in design and grammage.


instant coffee under private label


Unique and modern shape of jar enables you distinguishing from current products on market. All our jars provide safety of product and very good logistic in transport to the furthest places in the world.

Doy Packs

Cheaper and also safe way of packing of instant coffee.


Metal container which keeps all attributes of coffee in intact state and let to ideal storing.


Interesting alternative for jar and can. It lets to create unique and inimitable shape of packaging at low cost, which help you to achieve success.


Your idea - our realisation

We can fit unique label of instant coffee to all requirements, ideas, grammage and quality, from low to the highest. Thank to the wide range of packagings we can meet expectations for even the most demanding clients.

01 Idea

Would you like to create your own brand of instant coffee? Ideally you come to! We offer creating private label to the national and foreign chain. Just tell us what you want, and we do it for you.

02 Project

Our designers will do all to fulfil your wish in terms of graphical project. If you don’t have an idea, no problem, we can introduce our projects created especially for you, to give you possibility of choice.

03 Kind of coffee

We have possibility of packing of different types of instant coffee, for example powder, freeze-dried coffee, agglomerated, chicory, mix of coffee and chicory. Our technologists don’t know the word “impossible”. We will devote time and our experience to create coffee especially for you.

04 Packaging

Our production line allow us to perform services in terms of packing instant products in unit packagings in different grammage and different kinds, for example jars, doy-packs, PET and cans.


Excellent coffees - for demanding roof of mouth.

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